Entry Level Jobs In Oil And Gas


Entry Level Jobs In Oil And Gas

If you are trying to get yourself a job in the oil and gas Industry but don’t know how, then we have some helpful info for you finding entry level jobs offshore in oil drilling industry. If you have little to no qualifications relevant to working offshore then a Roustabout position is a great entry level job.

Roustabout – A roustabout is a general labourer on-board a drilling rig, helping out where needed on the rig floor as a relief floorman/roughneck, helping out the maintenance department, working along side the barge engineer, Fire watch for the rig welder, Heli deck assistant carring out helicopter duties, crane lift duties as a banksman/slinger, general cleaning of deck areas and general maintenance on board an oil rig. You will live and work on a rig for 2 or 3 weeks, then have 2 or 3 weeks at home. You will work 12 hours a day in shifts, covering days and nights and travel to work via helicopter or crew change by boat. Roustabout is a great entry level position to working offshore on an oil rig where you can work your way up through various positions to promotion. There are various types of offshore drilling rig from semi-submersible, jack-up, platform drilling rig and drillship.

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