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Oil And Gas Jobs

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When you hear of the oil and gas industry, do you think of long holidays offshore and gassy pipelines or do see the potential and plethora of opportunities? The oil and gas industry has been in a robust condition since the 80s, and there are many job opportunities that you could harness to your favour. If you are interested in learning more about this category of jobs, then you should definitely read on.

Oil and gas jobs could come in two major categories:

1. Offshore and

2. Onshore jobs

Working oil and gas jobs gives you two significant alternatives. You may be placed in an offshore department where you get to work with sites and teams on lands, mostly adjoining the sea and strategic locations, or you may be fixed with a maritime department which may involve prolonged journeys and works on the sea/off the land. Offshore jobs are usually oil rig jobs and most times it carries a heavier pay check. The good news about this category is that you could secure an appointment that comes with shifts; that is where you can work weeks in and weeks out. Common Oil And Gas Jobs For You Without much further ado, let us get to the real deal; there are more than a handful of jobs you could engage yourself in, in the oil and gas sector.

#1_EHS Rig Specialist (Offshore)
EHS is an acronym for Environmental Health Safety Specialist. You could work as an EHS Rig Specialist. This job is often contractual, ranging from 6 to 12 months duration depending on the company you get affiliated with.

Responsibilities: As an EHS Specialist, you may be required to serve the following functions:

To offer EHS support for team members

Coordination of the Safety Department

To track each recordable safety incident and near muss to ensure proper closeout of investigation findings.

To actively participate in review of EHS documentation

To conduct safety system audits of contractors
usually a bachelor’s degree in the area of specialty and some working
experience will be sufficient.

#2_ Drillsite Manager (onshore)

As a drill site manager, you may carry out itinerant services including the coordination and monitoring of affairs at sites.

Leadership and coordination of drill site affairs

Directing business partners on all aspects of completion operations on a daily basis.

Planning and safe execution of multiple drilling operations

To ensure that the rig contractors and service company personnel perform safely and efficiently following their contractual obligations.

Initial control of any emergency onsite
a bachelor’s degree in the area of specialty and at least two (2) years working
experience. Excellent leadership skills are also often an advantage.

#3_Planning and Scheduling Engineer (Offshore and Onshore)

This job position is relatively suitable for persons in the engineering field.

Project scheduling and planning

Project measurements and analysis

Verification and reporting

Review of contractors schedules,

Project management and consistency.
A bachelors of Science degree in Engineering and construction management;
computing skills and others depending on employer’s special requirements.

#4_ Supply Chain Coordinator

You could alternatively, work as a supply chain coordinator.

To take charge of all procurements activities

To coordinate with operational stakeholders and supply chain support functions

To facilitate or support commercial arrangements and contractual negotiations

To manage contractual changes

To gather and calculate company procurement costs and methods
with most companies, a bachelors degree in Supply chain, or business category
and some working experience is suitable.

#5_Constructtion Coordinator

This job is similar to that of a planning and scheduling engineer, but it involves more manual construction drafting and implementation.

To plan and coordinate construction inputs and to always keep the management updated about them.
A bachelors of Science degree in construction management, computing skills and
others depending on employer’s unique requirements.

Oil and Gas Jobs holds much promise.


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